Blake Shelton Ruined Cady Groves' Life, Brother Claims

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The ongoing drama surrounding Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert's divorce has resulted inn a lot of attention being paid to a little-known country singer named Cady Groves.

Cady Groves Pic

As you can see from the pic above, Groves knows how to grab the spotlight, and she's capitalizing on the end of Shambert.

By posting tweets hinting that she had an affair with Blake, she's subtly but firmly making sure she's being talked about.

Cady has yet to speak about the affair directly, but her constant tweets about love, relationships and her desire for a "second chance"?

They certainly seem to be timed to coincide with Shelton's divorce, don't they? Cady's older brother, Cody Groves, begs to differ.

Speaking with Radar Online, he claims that his sister is just trying to rebuild her life after Shelton destroyed her career

Back in 2013, rumors about an affair between Cady and Blake spread like wildfire, and Cody claims Cady was basically blacklisted in Nashville.

“All that cr*p that happened years ago ruined her career,” Cody says. 

“She lost her record deal. She lost an album she spent years on.”

As for the rumors that Cady is using the Shelton and Lambert's drama to draw attention to her own career, Cody says otherwise.

Nothing could be further from the truth, he says, adding: “She wouldn’t intentionally be trying to stir up negative drama with Blake."

“That is why her career fell through. She wouldn’t intentionally be trying to get attention from it when she’s working her butt off to get her career back.”

That may be true, but Cady has been awfully active on social media.

Interspersed with her cryptic, attention-grabbing tweets about lost love are some plugs for her upcoming music video, too.

Just saying.

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