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Note to celebrities everywhere:

When you’ve faced past criticism for using racist language, you may wish to avoid future scenarios in which you come across as remotely insensitive to the topic of race.

You know, like sharing a photo online of your son made up to look like a Latino. 

Paula Deen, however, did not receive this memo.

Paula Deen Brownface Photo

The celebrity chef was sued by a former Uncle Bubba’s employee in 2013, at which time Deen admitted in a deposition to having used the N-Word.

She later told Matt Lauer that "I is what I is and I’m not changing." 

And Deen apparently meant it because she just posted a photo on Instagram in honor of "#TransformationTuesday," which we’re pretty sure isn’t a thing.

It features Deen as Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy and son Bobby Deen in as Desi Arnaz’s character, Ricky Ricardo.

But Deen quickly deleted the image after being flooded with criticism over the use of brownface.

"Skin color IS NOT a costume. Blackface, Brownface is RACIST. You remain mired in ignorance," wrote one commenter, while another humorously wondered whether Donald Trump would choose Deen as his running mate.

What do you think of this scandal? Much ado about nothing? Or is Paula Deen a pretty huge idiot?