The Many Faces of Paula Deen

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These photos of Paula Deen show how emotional she can be, for better or worse.

1. Deen

Deen. Paula Deen. What a nut job.

2. Paula Deen Losing Weight?

Paula Deen Losing Weight?
Does Paula Deen already look thinner since coming clean about her diabetes? She looks like she is ... albeit slightly.

3. A Paula Deen Image

A Paula Deen Image
Paula Deen lets her hair down. What a mess.

4. Poor Paula Deen

Poor Paula Deen
Poor Paula Deen. We feel bad for her. A little. Sometimes. Not really.

5. A Paula Deen Photo

A Paula Deen Photo
Paula Deen is not unhappy. Or healthy.

6. Paula Deen Pic

Paula Deen Pic
Paula Deen has Type 2 diabetes. Sad, but she says she's working to get through it.

7. Paula Deen People Cover

Paula Deen People Cover
Paula Deen on the cover People magazine. She says she's learned a lot from her recent scandal

8. Paula Deen Pleads

Paula Deen Pleads
Paula Deen pleads for people to see where she is coming from.

9. Celebrity Chef

Celebrity Chef
Paula Deen is the epitome of a celebrity chef. One wracked by celebrity news scandals.

10. Deen of Cookin'

Deen of Cookin'
Paula Deen is the Deen of cookin' on the Food Network. Or was, before she got fired.

11. Paula D.

Paula D.
Paula Deen. She has proven to be quite a character over the years.

12. The Deen of Cooking

The Deen of Cooking
Paula Deen knows a thing or two about comfort food recipes. And controversy apparently.

13. Poor Paula

Poor Paula
Paula Deen has gone through some tough times these days.

14. Paula Deen, Face

Paula Deen, Face
Paula Deen's face is looking a little thinner these days. Maybe.

15. Paula Deen and Katy Perry COMBINED!

Paula Deen and Katy Perry COMBINED!
Paula Deen and Katy Perry. You can't tell where one ends and the other begins.

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