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Tom Cruise has chosen to accept a Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation.

And the critics are apparently very happy to go along on a ride with the actor.

With the fifth edition of this action franchise set to hit theaters on July 31, scroll down for a look at what critics around the nation are saying about Cruise’s latest turn as Ethan Hunt…

Mission: Impossible Rogue Mission Poster

Rogue Nation, like the similarly propulsive Ghost Protocol, often feels like a pure instrument of fun, dragging Hunt through an ongoing series of precarious situations. – A.A. Dowd

After taking a few stabs at the right formula, the series has finally found its voice, and Ethan Hunt and company give James Bond a real run for his blockbuster money. – Randy Myers

Rogue Nation is a winning effort- much better than you’d expect from the fifth film in a series featuring a 53-year-old man as an action star. – Stephen Silver

The opening stunt pretty much sums up the Mission: Impossible franchise: white-knuckle thrills teetering on the edge of absurdity. – Jason Best

This M:I is entertaining in its schematic way; it’s impossible not to respond to the theme music on a Pavlovian level. There’s a sentimental attachment. But like Tom in that almighty opening plane stunt, I’m finding it harder and harder to hang on. – Peter Bradshaw

Cruise is – and I say this nicely – a total maniac, which goes a long way toward cranking up an action sequence. – Matt Pais