Magic Mike XXL Reviews: An AB-Solute Must-See?

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Magic Mike XXL stars Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello and other very attractive men with well-sculpted abdominal muscles taking their clothes off a lot.

So most women out there probably don't care about plot or dialogue.

They've likely bought their tickets and are camping out for a front row seat as we type this.

But for those who are basing their weekend plans on Magic Mike XXL reviews from well-respected critics around the country, here's a sampling of what they're saying:

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As I sat there laughing, I realized I wasn't only entertained. I was moved and exhilarated. Not since the days of peak Travolta and Dirty Dancing has a film so perfectly nailed something essential about movie lust. - Wesley Morris

However discursive-and repetitive-the movie may be, it delivers the fantasy goods of formidable male bodies in motion, and ups the fantasy ante by making the men as sensitive, self-doubting and nurturing as they are virile. - Joe Morgenstern

For a movie about taking risks, this sequel to the 2012 sleeper hit is far too cautious. - John Hanlon

The initial banter between the lads - some of which is actually quite endearing and funny - eventually gives way to cheesy scenes designed to titillate rather than tickle the funny bone. - Stella Papamichael

A hella fun, if naggingly problematic, road trip that examines its characters beyond their (admittedly beautiful) abs. - Annlee Ellingson

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