21 Stars Who Were Strippers

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Channing Tatum isn't the only celebrity who used to take his clothes off for money! Here are 21 stars who used to be strippers.

1. Channing Tatum

"Magic Mike" wasn't the loosely autobiographical story of Channing Tatum for nothing! He got his start as a stripper.

2. NeNe Leakes

Before she was a Housewife, before she cashed Trump checks, NeNe Leakes was raking in $1000 a night as a stripper. That's where she met two-time husband Gregg Leakes.

3. Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt took a turn as a stripper for hire, entertaining bachelorettes and their friends. Where's the video of this, people!?! WE NEED TO SEE IT.

4. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga
Before she found fame as Mother Monster, Lady Gaga moonlighted as a New York City stripper. Seriously!

5. Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham doesn't really count, because she's working as a stripper RIGHT NOW. This was a necessary inclusion for obvious reasons, though.

6. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt, however, now that's a shocker! Pitt was part of a 6-man stripping troupe comprised of his fraternity brothers. They were hired to dance at college parties.

7. Anna Nicole Smith

Before she posed in Playboy magazine, Anna Nicole Smith stripped. She once said she liked that job way more than the job she had working at Red Lobster.

8. Nadya Suleman

Prior to giving birth to EIGHT BABIES and being renamed Octomom, Nadya Suleman stripped for exactly ONE night and called herself "Angelina." Now she's stripping to feed her brood.

9. Diablo Cody

Diablo Cody, who wrote Juno, has made no secret of her stripper past. She even uses her stage name from that time period to this day.

10. Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino

Prior to starring in Jersey Shore, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino was a stripper. He kept taking his clothes off on the reality TV show, so we're not really sure he ever stopped being a stripper.

11. Mark Consuelos

Mark Consuelos
Prior to starring opposite his now-wife Kelly Ripa on All My Children, Mark Consuelos was a south Miami stripper.

12. Jenna Jameson

Before she was a porn star, Jenna Jameson was a stripper. There's probably a joke about slippery slopes in there somewhere.

13. Javier Bardem

Javier Bardem stripped for ONE weekend and was apparently terrible at it. We need to see this stripping action for ourselves to judge, so go ahead and take it off, Javier!

14. Eve

Rapper Eve used to be a stripper AND a porn star. Her specialty was girl on girl.

15. Rachel Sterling

Rachel Sterling
Pussycat Doll and burlesque dancer Rachel Sterling got her start as a stripper. She fancies herself an actress having appeared alongside Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers.

16. Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones stripped for one reason and one reason only: to save up enough money to get a nose job.

17. Courtney Love

Courtney Love is a former-stripper. She credits the money she made while getting naked for the ability to start Hole.

18. Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese
The Queen of Burlesque, Dita Von Teese had made a name for herself by taking her clothes off.

19. Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson isn't a stranger to getting naked in front of a crowd.

20. Amber Rose

Amber Rose
Amber Rose started stripping in the Bronx when she was just 15 years old. She went by the name "Rose" and stripped for four years.

21. Carmen Electra

It should come as a shock to absolutely no one that Carmen Electra used to be a stripper. Not shocking at all.

22. Tila Tequila

Pregnant billionaire (HA!) Tila Tequila stripped so she could earn money to move to Hollywood to become a "famous bisexual star."

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