Brooklyn Decker Proves That Even Supermodels Get Acne

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Brooklyn Decker is pregnant with her first child. Hooray!

But this means Brooklyn Decker also has the face of a teenager right now. Oh no!

To the supermodel’s credit, she took to Instagram this week and shared a very personal photo with followers, giving them a look at one of the ramifications that befalls many women who are expecting.

"Pregnancy hormones are effin' awesome. #acne #hairyface," Decker wrote as a funny caption to the first photo listed in the above gallery.

It features an endless array of famous women who have gone makeup-free on Twitter and Instagram... but no one has taken it as far as Decker does here.

Yes, Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato and many others have given up an up-close look at their natural crooks and crannies.

But let's stop and applaud Decker (someone whose entire occupation is based on her appearance) for taking it to such an honest extreme.

As you can see below, no other makeup-free selfie out there actually highlights acne in such a manner.

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