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As has been well documented over the past few months, we love Jennifer Lawrence.

And we also love Amy Schumer.

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So we’re not entirely sure how to even process the following piece of information:

These two stars are on vacation… TOGETHER!

The Hunger Games beauty and the Trainwreck star first stopped Internet traffic when sharing a picture of themselves on a jet ski.

And now, as you can see above, they’ve gone back in time to high school and joined a bunch of friends in creating a human pyramid on board a boat.

“Human pyramid. Newest members on top #islandtime #day2,” Schumer captioned the bikini-clad image.

She previously wrote "Jlaw #maniac" as a caption to the aforementioned jet ski snapshot.

This public friendship comes shortly after Schumer was caught on camera totally freaking out when Lawrence brought her up on the Comic-Con red carpet.

We didn’t blame her then and we don’t blame her now.

We’re just very, very, very jealous of both women.