Victoria Siegel: Pushed Over the Edge From Cyberbullying?

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On Monday, we reported the sad news that Victoria Siegel had died inside her family’s home.

The daughter of David and Jackie Siegel - the centerpieces of the 2012 documentary Queen of Versailles - was found unresponsive around 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Tragically, she died before arriving at the hospital.

Initially, rumors circulated that 18-year-old Victoria had recently left rehab. Sadly, reports also surfaced that she died of a prescription drug overdose.

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Today, TMZ reported that she was a victim of cyber bullying, and that may have contributed to her overdose.

According to the Siegel family, the ex-girlfriend of Victoria’s current boyfriend had been sending “hate text messages” to Victoria.

The texts were sent from her boyfriend’s phone.  And sources confirm the ex-girlfriend was also sending vicious messages on social media.

Victoria received one of the bullying text messages on the morning of her death.  

Her family added, "While we cannot be sure, [the messages] may have affected her emotional state at a time when she was emotionally vulnerable.”

Victoria’s devastated family doesn’t believe she intentionally killed herself.

They were leaving for a family cruise this week, and Victoria had arranged to go on the trip.  She even rushed to get her passport in time.

Her plans to go on the trip suggest that she was future-thinking and not contemplating suicide.

The Siegels believe it was an accidental overdose that may have been triggered by the bullying messages.

There has been no report if the family has made contact with the ex-girlfriend. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said the ex is not part of their investigation.

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