Lena Dunham to Play Homer's Girlfriend on The Simpsons; Existence Ceases to Have Meaning

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If the Entourage movie taught us anything (aside from how to maximize your tail-gettin' potential without cutting into your bro time) it's that networks and producers will continue to trot out the same stale characters and storylines year after year, as long as the remotest chance of a profit remains.

And it's because of that mentality that season 27 of The Simpsons is a real thing that's really happening.

You might think that the writers would be out of ideas after nearly three decades of Springfieldian shenangians, and you would be absolutely right.

That's why, in the show's 27th season premiere, Homer and Marge will have marital problems for roughly for 4,000th time.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that this time, Marge will stick to her guns and go so far as to kick Homer out of the house. (Just like she did in Season 1 Episode 10, Season 5 Episode 13...you get the idea).

What really sets this latest spat apart is the fact that Homer starts a new romance with a young pharmacist played by Lena Dunham.

Lena Dunham at the Emmy Awards
Homer and Marge Simpson

To make matters even weirder, Dunham will be joined by the rest of the girls from Girls, as the entire cast has signed on for voice cameos.

Because nothing says "we're still brimming with new ideas" quite like the sort of crappy, pointless sitcom crossover The Simpsons used to mock.

But maybe we're being overly critical. After all, Dunham guest-starred on Scandal and that turned out okay. Plus if she goes back to blonde, she'll have that "hair the same color as your flesh" that Bart and Lisa have been rocking for years.

Maybe that'll help her get into character? We're not sure, but it's gonna be rough to make Lena feel at home, as we're guessing there's very little chance that her character will get naked.

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