Rob Kardashian to Undergo Gastric Bypass Surgery, Spite Kris Jenner?

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Rob Kardashian is going to rehab and getting gastric bypass surgery, according to new reports surrounding the maligned Kardashian family member.

Reeling from a 100-pound weight gain, on top of rumored depression and drug use, Rob Kardashian in rehab would be a very good thing right now.

The last time such rumors surfaced, however, Kris Jenner shot them down. But that doesn't mean she and her only son are in lockstep on the issue.

It’s no secret that Rob has been feuding with his mom for awhile, and that his family has publicly shamed him over his weight and reclusive lifestyle.

There's even been talk of Rob suing Kris and the Kardashians after they accused him of partying with "whores" on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Well, perhaps the best revenge is not legal action, but success.

Apparently, Rob wants to undergo gastric bypass surgery to aid in his weight loss - and rub it in Kris' face that he can take care of his issues alone.

“With the headlines fixed on Caitlyn Jenner’s big debut and his Kim’s announcement of baby #2," a source tells the new issue of OK! Magazine.

"Rob Kardashian has been quietly turning his life around."

The 28-year-old reality star will reportedly enter a rehab facility in Florida later this month to deal with an addiction to alcohol and pain-killers.

Perhaps more significantly, a source adds, "Robert has even met with a doctor to discuss gastric bypass surgery to deal with his weight gain.”

Whether he goes through with that or not, Rob has evidently decided that getting his back together without them is the best kind of payback.

Good luck trying to take credit for his weight loss and sobriety, Kris Jenner, if you didn't even know he was putting in the effort or how.

So there?

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