Benedict Cumberbatch: Back to Work Just Days After Welcoming First Child

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On Saturday, the world learned Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter had welcomed their first child.

Details are scarce, and it's possible that the couple kept the birth under wraps for a few days, but given the obsessive nature of Cumberbatch's fans, it's unlikely that he and Hunter would've been able to keep the secret for very long.

Our point is, Sophie likely gave birth sometime within the past week. So it's a little weird that her husband is already back at work.

Benedict Cumberbatch at Work

The 'Batch is currently rehearsing for his role as Hamlet in a London stage performance.

he play opens in August, so we understand that time is of the essence, but damn, Bendy - you couldn't have let Rosencrantz and Guildenstern run lines for a few day?

Look, if you're a West Virginia coal miner, you might not be able to take a couple weeks off for paternity leave. If you're a rich and famous actor rehearsing for a play that you've probably known by heart since you were 12, however, your options are probably a little more open.

It's bad enough that Cumberbatch was reportedly back to work just days after marrying Hunter, now he's back on stage less than a week after she gave birth?

We guess Benedict didn't have to do much research to play Hamlet - they're both equally close with their families. That's right; we're going highbrow today. 

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