Rob Kardashian: Heavier Than Ever on Late-Night Burger Run?

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Rob Kardashian has been steering clear of the spotlight for so long now that he's ironically drawing more attention to himself than ever before.

Photos of the sole Kardashian brother are as coveted as pics of the Loch Ness Monster, and questions about what's keeping Rob cooped up are on the minds of millions of Kardashi-Fans:

Overweight Rob Kardashian

Is Rob in rehab? Is he depressed? Is he staying inside under orders from Kris Jenner?

We may never know for sure, but rumors of Rob staging a comeback and possibly even returning to Dancing With the Stars were squashed last night when the 28-year-old former sock designer went for a late-night burger run in LA and reportedly looked heavier than ever.

Clad in a baseball cap, t-shirt and basketball shorts, Rob hit an In-N-Out Burger near his home in Calabasas, and one onlooker speculated that he looked about 100 pounds heavier than when he was last seen in public.

The latest rumors have Rob preparing for gastric bypass surgery to help him drop all those extra pounds, so maybe he's enjoying one last binge before going under the knife.

Of course, it's equally possible that Rob has simply given up, and late night fast food is simply a part of his regular routine now. 

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