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It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when Rob Kardashian’s downward spiral began, but the once svelte and gregarious reality star has been sinking lower and lower for at least the past year.

It may have started when Rob bailed on Kim Kardashian’s wedding in order to avoid the paparazzi (and jokes about his considerable weight gain). It certainly got worse when he compared Kim to the “b-tch from Gone Girl” on Instagram.

But after all the seclusion, public humiliation, and spats with his famous older sister, Rob is reportedly ready to re-enter the spotlight, in a very big way.

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Sources tell Radar Online that Rob is planning to return to Dancing With the Stars. Rob and partner Cheryl Burke placed second on the show in 2011, and the aspiring sock mogul became a fan favorite over the course of the season.

Burke left the show last year, but says she would be more than happy to assist Rob with a comeback.

“If Rob Kardashian would come back for Dancing with the Stars all-stars, I would put my dancing shoes on again,” Burke says. “I wouldn’t necessarily go back on the show, but I would definitely help the guy out.”

As for the rumors of Rob ballooning to over 350 pounds, insiders say he’s managed to get his weight under control and has slimmed down considerably in recent months.

Earlier this week, there were rumors that Rob planned to return to the public eye at this year’s ESPY Awards, where Caitlyn Jenner is scheduled to receive the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage.

However, many believe such a move would be viewed as an attempt to upstage Caitlyn. Returning to the show that took him from Kim’s little brother to lovable fan favorite seems to be the smarter way to return to public life.