Kendra Wilkinson on Holly Madison: She Means NOTHING to Me!

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Kendra Wilkinson is sounding off again on Holly Madison, her Girls Next Door co-star turned arch rival evil nemesis. And she is not holding back.

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Holly Madison with Blonde Hair

Perhaps the most amazing part of Holly Madison's new memoir and the fallout from her bombshell comments on Hugh Hefner, Kendra and Playboy?

These two women are 10 times more compelling, entertaining and interesting now than in their nude photo heyday! How's that for irony!?

In any case, we've already heard Holly call Kendra fake (the fakest ever, no less), and Wilkinson reply that money-hungry Madison is out for revenge.

Well, now Kendra is opening up about the situation a second time, and is just as blunt about how she perceives her former co-Girl Next Door.

"I don't ever want to have a relationship with Holly again," Kendra opined, "and I made a huge mistake by thinking what we had was real."

"A lot of stuff was done out of like, 'Oh, we gotta stick together to make this certain image last,' but then I realized I am a different person."

"I have a different lifestyle. The last thing I want is for whatever she does in her life to affect my life. We aren't sisters, we never were."

"We just dated the same guy at the same damn time."

Ouch. We know it's kinda weird that Holly wrote this memoir now and that she pulls no punches, but that's some cold s--t right there.

Kendra has certainly proved that she's a different person, alright ... whatever the WE tv cameras call for, she's willing to produce for 'em.

Does that make her points about Holly and "just dating the same guy" any less true? Not necessarily, but she's hardly the judge of what's real.

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