Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield: Faking Reconciliation?!

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Just weeks after Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield broke up, the couple was spotted hanging out in public, and all seemed to be right in Stofield Land. (We never got around to coming up with a solid nickname for that relationship.)

Emma Stone at the 2015 Oscars
Andrew Garfield Red Carpet Pic

Unfortunately, it now seems that the rumors of Stone and Garfield getting back together may have been bogus - part of a conscious effort on Stone's part to avoid uncomfortable breakup questions while promoting her recent flop Aloha.

“They conveniently reconnected at the time Aloha was coming out,” one insider tells Radar Online. 

The source adds that Emma and Andrew are keeping up appearances for the time being, but will go their separate ways once she begins working again.

“They’ll be breaking up shortly when she leaves to go shoot a movie,” the insider claims.

Stone is scheduled to begin filming La La Land in July, so it seems the couple won't have to pretend for much longer.

Sources close to the couple say they're abrupt split occurred after Garfield was caught cheating while filming a Martin Scorsese movie in Thailand.

Fortunately for Stone, she didn't have to answer many questions about her relationship during her Aloha press tour, as there was far more focus on the director's bizarre decision to cast her in the role of an Asian-American woman.

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