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Jimmy Fallon was hospitalized last night for an unspecified hand injury. This afternoon’s taping of The Tonight Show has been canceled, and the comedian will reportedly undergo surgery sometime today.

TMZ is reporting that Fallon was spotted hanging out with fans at a Manhattan restaurant after finishing his show yesterday.

Sources say he went home around 9 pm, and the injury occurred at his apartment late last night or this morning.

At this time, Fallon’s reps aren’t offering any specifics regarding the nature of the injury, but they do say that he’s expected to make a full recovery. 

It’s currently unknown when The Tonight Show will resume it’s normal taping schedule. 

Given the amount of money and coordination that’s involved in producing even a single episode, if Fallon is forced to miss more than one taping, we’d say it’s safe to assume his injury is fairly serious.

Fans of the comic know that Jimmy weirdly has a long history of effing-up his mitts.

In 2010, Fallon cut his hand when he fell while filming a an episode of Late Night. In 2013, he sported a bandage for several weeks after slicing his fingers while making salsa at home.

We wish Jimmy a speedy recovery for his own sake, but also for selfish reasons. If we have to go more than a few days without segments like thank-you notes and slow-jamming the news, we might go into withdrawal.