Dan Bilzerian Reveals Scrawny Legs; Internet Reacts in Horror

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Now that we know Dan Bilzerian is running for president, it's only fair that he should be subjected to the same vetting/public shaming process as every other candidate.

So we're ready to ask "Instagram's biggest playboy" tough questions: Where do you stand on the rise of ISIS and the various escalating conflicts in the Middle East? How do you respond to critics who say a man that throws porn stars off his roof is unfit to occupy the White House?

And most importantly: Do you even lift, bro?

Dan Bilzerian: Leg Day Photo

That's a photo of Blitz and some chicks and while you might think the entire Internet would focus on the boobs (as it's been doing since the early '90s), this time, the mysterious millions who actually comment on celebrity Instagram pics threw us a curveball by obsessing over Bilzerian's legs.

The above pic received tens of thousands of comments, the bulk of which seem to center around the fact that Bilzerian is clearly guilty of the most unforgivable bro-ffense known to bro-kind: skipping leg day!

(Highlights include: "Where yo legs at tho?" and "Homie you been skipping leg day for the last year!")

Bilzerian responded with his usual class and decorum, writing, "Yeah, I got skinny legs, but I got big dick, your GF don't mind."

Clearly, Bilzerian possesses the oratory skills of Lincoln, combined with LBJ's desire to whip his dong out in front of the entire world. Can we skip the election and name this guy president already? 

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