Chris Soules: Still in Love with Becca Tilley?!

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Now that The Bachelor's Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff have split, speculation has immediately turned to why the called it quits so soon.

One frequently-asked question in the wake of the split is this:

Did runner-up Becca Tilley play a role, directly or indirectly?

Chris, Becca and Whitney

We may never know for sure what went wrong between the couple, but signs of trouble were evident from the start between the reality TV lovebirds.

When Whitney packed her bags and left Chris in L.A., where he was competing on Dancing with the Stars, they played that off like it was no big deal.

She has a job, after all, and her own life in Chicago.

Well, she will be resuming said job and life in the Windy City for good now, and solo. Perhaps a life in Arlington, Iowa, isn't as dreamy as it sounds.

Whitney Bischoff made it very clear on The Bachelor that she wanted a husband and babies, which seemed to give her the edge over Becca Tilley.

After all, Becca had never even been with a guy before.

Literally. Sexually, romantically or anything. The innocent Louisiana native had never been in love, let alone in a committed, long-term romance.

Whit was the safe bet for Chris, and he admitted as much.

The heart wants what it wants, though, and whether Becca played a role or not, it's clear that Chris' heart was not in it long-term with Whitney.

Maybe he had second thoughts about Bischoff once he made his final rose decision? Perhaps he still carries a torch for sweet, virginal Becca?

If so, Prince Farming may be in for a resounding letdown.

Tilley directly referenced the rumors on Twitter, writing to fans, “Yall are funny - ‘get back together with that guy who didn't choose you in the first place!”

In other words, PASS on sloppy Soules seconds.

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