Whitney Bischoff and Chris Soules' Breakup: What Went Wrong?

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As we reported Thursday, Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff are over, another casualty of The Bachelor franchise that many of us never saw coming.

Not unlike The Bachelorette stars Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray, the two seemed so happy and in love not long at all before they pulled the plug.

So what was the final straw? The nail in the romantic coffin if you will?

Whitney Bischoff and Chris Soules had been battered with split rumors over the past few weeks ... or pretty much since The Bachelor finale May 9.

Breakup talk heated up during Dancing with the Stars, where Chris advanced all the way to the penultimate episode for reasons unknown to anyone.

Reports of Bischoff being jealous of Witney Carson were easy to dismiss, at first, as run of the mill tabloid gossip that plagues any Bachelor duo.

But soon, Bischoff flew home to Chicago and resumed work as a fertility nurse while Soules stayed in L.A. to compete on the hit ABC series.

On May 9, he attended the premiere of Tomorrowland solo. Before that, she spent their six-month engagement anniversary on May 7 alone.

Chris downplayed all this as a simple scheduling conflict, and soon enough, he got the boot on the show and returned to his native Iowa.

There, Whitney joined him on the farm and they started plowing. Crops, that is ... he's a farmer after all. Apparently not each other, though.

The Iowa trip was not her moving there for good, as many assumed (or hoped), but a last-ditch attempt at mending a strained relationship.

Didn't happen. While reports of Chris moving to L.A. to feed his massive ego still appear to be overblown, this union was clearly doomed.

During his season, even Soules' dad said that Whit was a "sure thing" but that Becca Tilley may have been the one his son really wanted.

Chris admitted Bischoff was the one "logic" said to pick, as she was settled in her life, the right age, from the Midwest and wanted kids.

Virginal Becca, meanwhile, had barely even dated a guy before.

When you follow logic instead of your heart, that's never a good sign. Nor is the fact that Whitney balked at actually doing what she said.

Bischoff's enthusiastic insistence at moving to Iowa and having kids gave way to "taking things slow" quotes as soon as the show ended.

Obviously, taking things slow is never a bad thing, but when it's a drastic reversal like this, you had to wonder if she had major cold feet.

Not to mention, while Soules sincerely praised Bischoff's career and "driven" nature, he still clearly wanted a stay-at-home mom for a wife.

He's also from Arlington, Iowa. For all its charms, it's still Arlington.

If she wasn't willing to give up her job and her life in Chicago quite as quickly as he'd hoped, major tension may have hastened this split.

But hey ... at least they lasted longer than a lot of Bachelor pairs:

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