Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Part Ways Again as Divorce Rumors Swirl

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Last week, we learned that Jennifer Garner had moved to Montreal and was preparing to finalize her separation from Ben Affleck.

Sources claimed that Garner wasn't the only one bracing herself for the end, as Affleck had reportedly consulted a divorce attorney in hopes of having divorce terms hashed out before the couple's tenth anniversary (an important legal milestone in California).

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Then something remarkable happened. Ben and Jen were spotted together in LA, walking with their kids and rocking matching sweatshirts as though all was right with the world and they hadn't just spent the past month living in different countries.

Now, it looks like that pap-friendly stroll was just a last-ditch effort to keep up appearances, as Radar Online is reporting that Garner has returned to Montreal, and seems to have every intention of staying there. 

For his part, Ben is reportedly staying home in LA with the kids and working with a team of lawyers to hammer out a settlement that'll satisfy both parties.

"Ben and his team have definitely been engaging divorce attorneys," says one insider. "He is positioning for a divorce."

Sources claim that Garner has set her sights on Montreal as she believes the city will provide a more suitable environment for her children. Ben reportedly plans on staying put in LA, so there may be a seriously ugly custody battle ahead.

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