Jennifer Garner: Living in Montreal After LEAVING Ben Affleck?!

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After months of rumors and speculation it, looks like it's officially over between Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. 

Radar Online is reporting that Garner has moved to Montreal, leaving Affleck at home with the couple's three kids.

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She's currently shooting the movie Nine Lives, but insiders say Garner plans to have the children join in her Canada in time to start school there in September.

Bizarrely, Affleck also fled to Canada when the couple was having relationship troubles earlier this month. He was spotted without his wedding ring in Nova Scotia and reportedly sought solace at a Buddhist monastery in Ontario. 

So we think it's safe to say these two are engaging in some Canuck-ish uncoupling.

The signs have been everywhere for quite some time, and just earlier today we learned that insiders expect Affleck and Garner to announce their separation within the next month.

Prior to that news, several tabloids reported that Jen and Ben haven't been seen together in several weeks. 

No one knows the exact cause of the split, but whether it's his boozing, gambling or bad habit banging Emily Ratajkowski on the Gone Girl set, everyone seems to agree that the blame falls on Ben.

Hey, if you gotta screw up, at least do it in style.

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