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Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller is never one to mince words, and owes her fame to a Lifetime show predicated on her brash, even boorish conduct.

Still, sources tell THG exclusively that the reality star’s recent behavior has gone from obnoxious to borderline alarming, leaving bystanders appalled …

Abby Lee on the Warpath

Speaking under a condition of anonymity for fear of retribution, an insider recalled an alarming story that occurred last month on the show’s L.A. set.

A little over a week ago, Miller and her Abby Lee Dance Company were competing against a group of rival dancers, one of whom she singled out.

According to sources who saw this all go down, that is.

The girl had just performed a solo using a bench as a prop, at which point the Dance Moms star asked her "Who was ‘sitting’ next to you?"

Ostensibly, Abby was asking for the story behind the dance she had just witnessed. The little girl replied that she was sitting next to "a boy." 

Abby allegedly told the dancer, "No wonder you were on your knees," while using her hand and mouth to make graphic oral sex gestures.

Our source tells us that the whole set was aghast at the comment, but not shockingly, nothing was done and Abby was not reprimanded.

We say not shockingly because we all know Abby Lee Miller is a bully who uses mental and physical intimidation to get what she wants.

She might even cop to that proudly, too, as part of her path to victory in her field, but at a certain point, her pupils are no longer winning.

Quite the contrary, in fact, if this account is true.

Her alarming actions, as shown when we watch Dance Moms online and as alleged here, seem to be getting more outlandish with time.

Scenes like the one described above will likely not make it to air (even Lifetime producers must have some awareness of how that looks).

Still, her purported pattern of terrorizing and berating young people and adults alike, on and off set, poses some interesting questions:

  • Would advertisers willingly support such a person?
  • Is this simply accepted in Dance Moms culture?
  • What would it take for Lifetime to pull the plug?
  • Will more people speak out against Miller?