Kelly Hyland: Abby Lee Miller is a BULLY!

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It looks like former Dance Moms star Kelly Hyland still cannot stop thinking about Abby Lee Miller and their relationship, which she's not supposed to be discussing.

The former cast member, who is no longer off the show after their epic fight last year, recently shared a tweet that accuses Miller of being TV's biggest bully.

Hyland retweeted an article that asks, "Why is Abby Lee Miller allowed to be a bully?" while questioning the "teaching" you see when you watch Dance Moms.

Kelly Hyland didn't comment further regarding the post, but she's legally been ordered to stop Tweeting about Miller. Maybe retweets don't technically count?

Her trial against Abby Lee, who she accuses of being verbally abusive towards her dancers with her erratic behavior, has stalled since Hyland exited the show.

The lawsuit against Miller says that she was set up to be booted off the show to generate ratings, while "Miller screams at the girls in front of the other dancers."

This causes them to cry, at which point "Miller derides them for being emotionally weak when they do ... [she] even tossed a chair during a confrontation with Paige."

Hyland updated her fans on Twitter this week by writing, "My trial was today ... still no outcome," as well as retweeting another message from a supporter.

She also retweeted a fan who said, "@accesshollywood watching Abby interview. What a crock. Perhaps interview @dancemomkelly #teamhyland #bully #aldc."

Another departed cast member, Kalani Hilliker, reportedly left the hit Lifetime show on better terms with Miller, along with her mother, Kira Girard.

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