Kim Richards: Back in the US, Refusing to Return to Rehab!

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Last week, Kim Richards ditched rehab to attend her daughters wedding in Mexico, and the trip went about as poorly as could be expected.

First, Kim got drunk and acted so belligerently that her daughter won't talk to her and her sober coach quit on the spot.

After that, Richards disappeared, leaving her loved ones wondering if she'd managed to make it back to the US. 

Now, Radar Online Kim has made it home to LA, but has decided to forgo treatment for her well-documented alcoholism.

Kim Richards Red Carpet Image

“Kim came back from Cabo last week but is refusing to go back to rehab,” said one insider. “She suffered a huge relapse at the wedding, and was mixing booze and pills. However, Kim is refusing to go back to rehab.”

The source says Kim's sisters have done everything in their power to convince her to return to treatment, but the 50-year-old Housewife remains firmly in denial.

"Both siblings are obviously very concerned about her," says the source "There is only so much the family can do for Kim, and refusing to get help is a big obstacle.”

Obviously, the Richards family's main concern is for Kim's health, but there are other reasons for her to return to rehab, as well.

Sources familiar with her court case say that Kim lucked out after her April 15 arrest and struck a deal that would allow her to avoid jail time in exchange for completing an addiction treatment program.

Unless she checks back in for her next court date, Richards might be the next Housewife to wind up behind bars.

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