Whitney Bischoff and Chris Soules: Will "Break" Be Permanent?!

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The Bachelor winner Whitney Bischoff has officially left Chris Soules in Los Angeles ... returning home to her job as a fertility nurse in Chicago.

His stint on Dancing with the Stars has gone on so long, it's obvious that she'd have to return to work at some point. But is it more than that?

As always with The Bachelor couples, Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff have been under heavy scrutiny since the second their season ended.

Still, with Chris too tired to bone his fiance - who he may or may not be using just for fame and/or to land a farming reality show - is the end nigh?

Well, to hear Radar Online, Celeb Dirty Laundry and the like tell it ...

“Whitney going to Chicago, this isn’t a trial break,” a source says.

Soules is overjoyed to have a respite from her too, supposedly.

“Chris is happy to get away from her,” the insider tells Radar.

Why? Because Whitney being gone gives Soules time to pause, reflect, and maintain laser focus where his heart truly lies these days:

  1. Winning the Dancing with the Stars Mirror Ball title;
  2. Taking advantage of every second in the limelight.

“Honestly, Chris just wants to be famous,” the source says, despite what fans think. “He doesn’t really want to be in a relationship right now.”

“Chris cares more about the fame than about Whitney," and "Chris has been dancing better now that Whitney isn’t there. He has been doing well."

"He was always in the bottom and now he’s really good.”

“The breakup looks like it is definitely coming soon,” the insider concludes, and this person is not talking about Chris getting axed from the ABC hit.

Which should really happen on the next Dancing with the Stars results show, but the voters must love this drama, because they keep him around.

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