Chris Soules: Using Whitney Bischoff to Land Farm-Based Reality Show?

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Of all the obligatory, hilarious rumors surrounding The Bachelor star Chris Soules, or any Bachelor star who just finished the ABC show, this takes the cake:

Chris Soules is only using fiancee Whitney Bischoff for fame, specifically to land a farming-based reality show, according to the latest Life & Style issue.

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A (probably-fake) source quoted by the tabloid claims Soules is gunning for an Iowa-farm based series and using his Bachelor romance to help that goal.

"Now that he's had a taste of stardom, he's set on staying in Hollywood," the insider says of Chris, who's currently competing on Dancing with the Stars.

"With her by his side, the public will love him and that creates business opportunities. He's pitching a reality show about life on the farm with Whitney.

"A reality show about his life in Iowa with Whitney will let Chris sustain the fame he loves so much. He loves the attention he's gotten from being on TV."

"He wants to keep this going for as long as he can."

This is awesome. It's hard to imagine anyone whom that statement applies to less than Soules, but tabloids will run with the same themes every year.

We've also heard recently that Whitney Bischoff is jealous of Witney Carson, his DWTS partner, and that his ex-fiancee is coming between them.

"She's supposed to be the center of his attention, but now it's all about the 'other' Witney," says the insider of Bischoff, who "feels she can't compete."

Even if that were true, the two-left-footed Chris Soules tanked on Dancing with the Stars so hard last week that he's gotta be going home tonight.

Right? Either way, even if he pulled out a miracle and stuck around another week, or month, we don't see these two not making it to the altar someday.

They're just a good, (mostly) non-fame-seeking fit if you ask us.

We wouldn't worry about tapping into Whitney Bischoff's frozen eggs just yet, in other words. Crazy gossip aside, these two are gonna be just fine.

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