Chris Soules: Too Tired From Dancing with the Stars to Bone Whitney Bischoff?

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Another week, another crazy rumor surrounding The Bachelor winners Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff, and this one, like many before it, is hilarious:

Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff Photograph

His stint on Dancing with the Stars, which never seems to end (he survived another Dancing with the Stars results show last night), is taking a toll.

Because he's too tired to give it to his fiancee!

Chris Soules reportedly confessed, “It’s pretty limited [our time together] It’s gotten worse now. We’ve got four dances that we’re rehearsing this week."

"So it’s stressful. So it’s hard to really focus on them and nurture the relationship.” Whit adds, “I know. He just comes home, like, sorry babe. I’m so tired.”

Soules went on to say, “Hopefully, I’m here to the end. Whatever happens, I’ll do my best. We’re all enjoying the experience. It’ll be over soon enough.”

Apparently their relationship is over after DWTS ... according to another report that does not paint a pretty picture of the future for the two lovebirds.

We know Whitney Bischoff wants babies, and bad, and that she can't wait to settle down in Iowa with Prince Farming and get on with the process.

The question is whether any of the talk about Chris - that he's cheating, that he's using her to land a farm-based reality show (our favorite), etc. - is legit.

We sort of doubt it, but it does make you wonder.

Is his stint on Dancing with the Stars exactly what they did not need in order to keep the spark alive after The Bachelor ended and real life began?

You tell us ... will Chris and Whitney last?!

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