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When it comes to his relationship with Kylie Jenner, Tyga says "f–k what the law says."

He’s a man, and he’s gonna do what he wants to whomever he wants, and he doesn’t care what anybody thinks about it. As long as his Gam-Gam approves, of course.

Yes, apparently Tyga is a real grandma’s boy, and fortunately the 70-year-old lady in his life approves of the 17-year-old.

Tyga and Kylie

In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Kim Nguyen spoke about her grandson’s controversial romance (Because really, what else is newsworthy about Tyga?) and surprisingly, she gave the cradle-robbing affair her seal of approval.

In fact, it seems she’s thrilled that Tyga dumped Blac Chyna and moved on to Kylie!

"Tyga adores Kylie and has introduced her to us lots of times," Mrs. Nguyen says.

"Tyga lives with his son King, and Kylie is around there all the time. I’m not sure when King sees his mom [Blac], but Tyga is a great dad and has never seemed happier now that he’s with Kylie."

Asked about the controversial age difference, Nguyen says she thinks nothing of it, as she still sees Tyga as just a little cub.

"No, Tyga is only a baby himself, so we don’t see what the problem is," says Nguyen. "All we care about is that she is a lovely girl from a well-educated family who is a great influence on Tyga."

Yes, the Kardashians are "well-educated," 25-year-old dad Tyga is "only a baby" and "high as f–k" Kylie is the perfect stepmom. There’s a whole lot of delusion going on here.