Kylie Jenner: High as F--k on Snapchat!

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Yesterday, Kylie Jenner admitted that she got lip injections, about a year after the rest of the world figured it out.

Earlier today, we learned that Kylie might not graduate high school as a result of her constant partying.

Now, those two stories have converged thanks to a controversial Snapchat video that reveals Kylie has been slacking off by wrapping her giant lips around some fat blunts:

Okay, so we don't actually see any weed in the clip, but if you listen closely, you can hear Kylie say, "I'm high as f--k," before noshing on an unidentified food item and loving it as only someone with a profound case of the munchies can.

No one else is seen in the video so we have no way of knowing who Kylie is blazing with.

We do know however that Kylie has been following Tyga on tour lately. We also know that T-Raww loves him some Mary Jane, because...well, he pretty much raps about it constantly.

See, that's one of the many, many problems with dating a 17-year-old when you're 25.

Aside from the fact that it's illegal and there's a serious "ick" factor involved, there's also the fact that when she does typical teenager stuff like smoke weed and slack off in school, people are gonna blame you for being a bad influence.

It's almost like if the age difference between you and another person is such that you could be their legal guardian, you should probably hold off on having any sort of romantic relationship with them. 

Food for thought, Tyga. Bring it up next time you're getting stoned with your teenage girlfriend and it'll, like, totally blow your mind.

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