Angela Cottone: Juan Pablo Galavis Tried to Pick Me Up, Never Mentioned Nikki Ferrell!

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The Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis was caught cozying up to a sexy brunette last weekend, and Angela Cottone says he never mentioned Nikki Ferrell once.

Their encounter at The Pool After Dark at Harrah’s in Atlantic City, N.J., on July 12, was reportedly by TMZ and sparked rumors that he and Nikki were done.

Juan Pablo Galavis, Angela Cottone

It's not like Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell were ever engaged. He hasn't even told her he loves her. But it only reinforced his shady reputation.

According to witnesses, Juan Pablo recognized Ang, approached her, started running game, got "incredibly flirtatious" and asked for her number.

“He was touching my hand and my arm,” Angela Cottone, 36, tells In Touch.

Juan Pablo, just one day earlier, was gushing about how he missed Ferrell.

“I thought he was single!” Angela tells the celebrity gossip publication.

If he is, that's news to us. As far as we know, he's still with Nikki Ferrell.

If so, that's news to Angela, who adds: “He didn’t mention Nikki once.”

Juan Pablo is currently filming Season 5 of Couples Therapy on VH1, presumably with Nikki and not solo (only Farrah Abraham can pull that off).

So there's that aspect to consider. Either way, we wouldn't be shocked:

  1. If Juan Pablo were cheating on Nikki Ferrell.
  2. If they broke up and he didn't mention it.

It is Juan Pablo, after all. Eeees okay ... we go our separate ways, ya?

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