Rob Kardashian: Returning to Dancing With the Stars to Lose Weight, Find His Way?

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Troubled Rob Kardashian is mulling a return to Dancing With the Stars in order to help find his way, and his old weight, a new report indicates.

Rob's return to Dancing With the Stars, the ABC competition where he once made the finals, is far from certain, but he has been approached.

“Rob’s been given an open invitation to visit the show by producers,” an insider says, adding that they hope he comes back to seek redemption.

Not for losing the finals, but losing at life lately, and HARD.

So far, “Rob hasn’t ruled it out,” notes the insider, because “the happiest anyone ever saw this kid was when he was dancing every day.”

However, “Rob will only go on if he drops some weight first,” since, at 5’10”, “he’s not a tall guy so when he puts on 10 pounds it looks like 20.”

Whether you want to call it 10 or 20, he's put on a lot more than that in the past 1-2 years; Kim, Khloe and Kourtney's brother has let himself go.

Big time. Some reports say he gained 50-100 pounds, however the insider says “He’s back on his diet and has already lost several pounds.”

That's music to the ears of everyone worried about Rob's weight gain and depression, which has become a cause for serious concern.

If you watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online, you know they are reeling over Rob and flummoxed about how to handle his issues.

Kim has pushed to cut him off completely; Khloe is more sympathetic; Kris wants him to help himself but has no idea how to facilitate that.

Clearly the Momager is at a loss for once; Rob is suing Kris Jenner, supposedly, or at least threatening it after keeping up on Keeping Up.

He was particularly incensed by Khloe saying Rob partied with whores at her house, and the fact that they went through his stuff on TV.

Here's hoping this report is true. It would be great for him.

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