Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4 Episode 3 Recap: Rehab and Renewed Tension

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Someone needed rehab on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 4 Episode 3. Check that ... a lot of these people probably need rehab of some kind.

One cast member actually sought it, though. Who was it, and for what?

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 4 Episode 3 was one for the ages.

Not because of the shenanigans we saw play out ... but largely for the lack of them. Joseline actually PASSED UP a chance to start a brawl.

Meanwhile, Stevie J was humbled and introspective. We kid not.

“This is turning me cold,” he says, lamenting his failed drug test and the 30 days of rehab he is facing as a result. "Stevie J signing off. This is not good bye."

"I will see you later," he adds, "and I will be much greater.”

More stirring, moving words have never been spoken.

Elsewhere when you watch Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta online this week? Erica wants Lil Scrappy's lil ass locked up for his failure to pay child support.

We'll see if she ultimately pursues the nuclear option.

Meanwhile, Yung Joc putting it inside whomever he damn well pleases is no mystery, but both Khadiyah and Sina don't seem to give any f--ks.

Sina wants her baby daddy bad ... and Khadiyah out.

As such, she meets up with Khadiyah in a totally unscripted storyline to tell them that she's banging Joc. Her rival asks if she has any proof.

She doesn't, but what do you know, this got her thinking she could just film herself gettin' railed by the Yung one for that reason alone.

Eat your XXX heart out, Mimi Faust sex tape.

Speaking of Mimi, she met with Joseline so the latter could apologize for 2014's Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion fight ... but Josie won't do that.

She then denies she hit Mimi, which is hilarious since the cops got involved and the whole thing aired on f--king VH1 (above). Peeps be crazy.

On the plus side, she didn't hit her this time, and Karlie, who opened a boutique and actually got a plot line this week, also avoided a fight with her!

K. Michelle made a cameo as "friend" of Jessica Dime Piece, as did Deb Antney, mom of 2016 presidential candidate Waka Flocka Flame.

She tells Mimi what an idiot she is for giving Nikko 25 percent of her book deal and suggests that in retaliation she should just write a really s--tty book.

That'll show Nikko!

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