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If you watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta online this week, you won’t see any of Waka Flocka Flame on the premiere. The recurring player from Season 3 was AWOL.

BUT, you can see the rapper here … in his presidential campaign announcement!

Waka Flocka Flame For President

Fans may remember his bold, declarative 2012 tweet in which he wrote:

“I’m dead a– running for president in 2016.”

Well, he is a man of his word.

Fittingly entering the race to succeed Barack Obama on his favorite holiday – 4/20 – Waka kicked off his candidacy on a "high" note with this video address.

Laying out his policy positions, Waka discusses the initiatives dearest to his heart, such as – you’re not gonna believe this – the legalization of marijuana.

“The president gotta have a big, fat old blunt,” he declares, but he has considerably less tolerance for big-footed humans or pets in public eating establishments.

“I don’t want to see no f–king animal in the restaurant ever again,” he says, while peeps with big feet need to take "trains, cabs, and buses" and not clog the streets.

With Hillary Clinton declaring her candidacy and Marco Rubio running in 2016, among others, the White House field is getting more crowded by the day.

Still, if there’s one man who can set the campaign trail ablaze – aFlame, if you will – like no one else in either party, there’s no doubt that man has arrived.