Kris Jenner Claims to Be "Super Supportive" of Bruce Jenner

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Kris Jenner is saying a bunch of stuff these days that is difficult to believe.

First, she told The New York Times Magazine that the Kardashians are not greedy, presumably while keeping a straight face.

And then, during an appearance at Kelly Rutherford's Children's Justice Campaign event in Beverly Hills yesterday, the self-centered manager claimed she is totally on Team Bruce Jenner.

Kris Laughing

"[The] family's doing great, and Bruce is doing great," Jenner told Us Weekly in the wake of Bruce admitting to the world that he wants to transition into a woman.

Jenner added that "everybody's super supportive" of Bruce, a statement that may very well be true.

Now that everybody in the family has seen just how supportive the rest of the world has been, that is.

Kris Jenner has been under significant fire for not appearing on the ABC special during which Jenner told Diane Sawyer he is, for all intents and purposes, a woman.

The reality star didn't subsequently help her cause when she tried to claim ABC never asked her to sit down for the special.

With the public coming down hard on Kris, E! has hastily arranged a two-part Keeping Up with the Kardashians special to air on May 17 and May 18.

It will focus on Bruce opening up to his loved ones about his identity crisis and Kris will, of course, make everything about herself.

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