Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea Release "Pretty Girls" Music Video: Catchy or Catastrophic?

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For months now, the social media buzz machine has been teasing us with the prospect of a Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea collaboration.

The world has been waiting with not-so-bated breath to find out if the past-her-musical-prime pop star and the never-really-had-a-prime rapper would be able to deliver a career-reviving hit, and today's the big day.

Yes, the video for "Pretty Girls" hit YouTube this morning, and it seems Iggy is trying to recapture some of her "Fancy" magic with a quirky video and a bunch of dudes chanting "hey" on the beat.

Britney meanwhile is...slumming it? Making good on a bet she lost? We're not really sure, but we know she can do so much better:

Feminists and people with functioning brains are sure to take issue with lyrics like, "All around the world, pretty girls jump the line to the front, do what we like, get what we want."

The video is so over-the-top (At one point, Iggy turns an '80s Zack Morris-cordless into a smartphone by shooting lasers from her eyes.) that Spears and Azalea will likely hide behind the excuse that they were being ironic or intentionally absurd, but you can expect a few thousand outraged think-pieces to hit the web by this afternoon. (We're counting on you, Jezebel!)

There were rumors of Iggy and Brtney feuding on set, and in the final seconds of the "Pretty Girls" clip, the reason becomes clear.

The closing credits (because music videos have closing credits nowadays, you geezer!) reveal that Iggy co-directed this monstrosity.

Anyone who's heard Iggy freestyle "rapping" knows the girl gave up on anything resembling artistic credibility long before the world knew her name.

But Britney still has her standards, dammit! Or rather, she now has standards. Federline was a long time ago.

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