Kim Richards Ordered To Pay For Pitbull Attack... How Much???

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We hate to say it so bluntly.  But Kim Richards’ life is a wreck right now.  Things just aren't going well for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star.

Messy Kim Richards

Kim is scheduled to complete 90 more days of rehab in addition to the month she has already spent in treatment for an alcohol addiction.  Plus, her daughter is about to get married, and Kyle Richards isn’t going to the wedding.

Now, one of Kim’s BFFs just won a lawsuit against Kim over a pitbull attack.

In March 2014, Kay Rozario filed a lawsuit, claiming Kim wouldn’t reimburse her medical bills after Kim’s pitbull, Kingsley, bit her hand. The bite was so bad, it went all the way to the bone.

Yesterday, a judge sided with Rozario but drastically revised the amount of damages.

Yes, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star will have to pay.  But not nearly as much as Rozario wanted.

Rozario was seeking more than a million dollars.  But according to court documents, she was awarded a mere $8,083.

The judge cited that the medical bills were only $4,083.  So she doesn’t need a million bucks.

However, the judge did agree that she should be awarded more cash for emotional distress and trauma resulting from the attack.

Kim’s dog seems to have as many problems as its owner.  Kingsley also attacked Kim’s niece, Kyle Richards' daughter, last November.

As of late, the dog is at a private training facility.

Many people have encouraged Kim to give the dog away, but Kim looooves her pup.  So much that Kim tried to leave rehab to visit Kingsley.

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