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For someone who’s made a fortune by living her life in front of television cameras, Kate Gosselin can be very secretive, especially when it comes to her love life.

Last week, Kate posted and deleted a bizarre tweet about Jon Gosselin’s whereabouts.

Given that Kate hadn’t been seen in public with her "millionaire boyfriend" Jeff Prescott, many took the tweet-and-delete as a sign that she was planning to reconcile with Jon.

K. Gosselin
Jeff Prescott Photo

Shortly thereafter, however, sources claimed Kate went on a "romantic getaway" with Steve Neild (her married former bodyguard),  and the Gosselin-watchers started focusing on an entirely different love affair for the mother of eight.

So yeah, it seems like Kate’s just enjoying the single life, as evidenced by the fact that she reportedly enjoyed the "best date of her life" with Prescott over the weekend.

Yes, sources tell Radar Online that Kate had the time of her life, and she’s never felt this way before. We swear, it’s the truth.

Insiders claim Jeff scooped Kate up at her home in suburban Pennsylvania and drove her two hours to a high-end restaurant in Philadelphia.

Once there, the two got "very touchy-feely," according to witnesses.

As for what Jeff sees in reality TV’s worst mom, well…your guess is as good as ours.

Prescott defended Kate’s parenting in a recent interview, so we guess Kate has him fooled? Either that, or the guy just doesn’t have cable.