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Really, no one is surprised that Courtney Love has been in counseling.  

After a tumultuous history with drug use and the suicide of her husband, Kurt Cobain, it is expected that Love would need some quality time with a shrink.

What is surprising is how much she owes …

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According to a recent New York Post article, a Soho psychiatrist claims the singer-turned-actress racked up a bill totaling $48,250 for therapy!

Manhattan Supreme Court papers filed last week state that Dr. Edward Ratush is an “addiction psychiatrist” who deals with “opiate dependence and treatment-resistant depression.”

His LinkedIn profile says he offers trans-cranial magnetic stimulation and that he is “interested” in “spiritual interventions” for addicts.

There is also a hint as to why Love may have chosen him.  His profile also says Ratush “looks forward to his involvement in research using psychedelic drugs to treat addiction.”

Courtney Love has a long history of drug abuse.

Love admitted to using heroin while pregnant, though she claims she used during the first three weeks of pregnancy before she knew she was expecting.

Love is also carrying a lot of guilt on her shoulders that may have led her to see Dr. Ratush.

Upon the premiere of Montage of Heck, a documentary about Kurt Cobain, Love said Cobain committed suicide because she wanted to cheat. on him.