Jim Bob Duggar Lied About Josh's Crimes, Former Cop Alleges

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The Josh Duggar scandal continues to grow as more people are speaking up about the molestation case that rocked the 19 Kids and Counting family.

According to a former state trooper, Jim Bob lied to the police about Josh’s sex crimes.

Jim Bob and Josh Duggar Picture

The 19 Kids and Counting father claimed he told Arkansas State Police officer Joseph T. Hutchens the full truth about Josh’s crime, which involved touching five minor female’s breasts and private areas.

But Hutchens is calling bullsh!t, telling In Touch that in 2003 Jim Bob said the molestation occurred “only one time.”

“Jim Bob explained to me that Josh inappropriately touched [a victim] while she was asleep,” Hutchens said. “[They said] the girl was asleep and didn’t know anything had happened.”

According to the police report, Jim Bob took Josh to the police station when he found out about the assaults.  But Jim Bob and Josh seriously sized down the seriousness and the frequency of the abuse.

Jim Bob later told authorities that Josh molested at least five girls several times throughout 2002 and 2003. Josh's sisters were among the victims, and one might still be a minor.

And unlike what they told Hutchens, the girls were very aware of the abuse.

Later, Jim Bob said Josh assaulted one girl while she was doing laundry.

And another he assaulted while she was reading.  This is a stark contrast to their previous claim that it happened one time while a girl was sleeping.

Hutchens claims he regrets his decision not to file a report after Jim Bob and Josh Duggar’s confessions of the heinous crimes.

“I thought what I did was right - obviously it wasn’t,” Hutchens said.

“The young girl should have been my top priority. I feel terrible.”

That’s a tough one to believe though. Hutchens’ credibility is questionable.  He is serving 56 years in prison for child porn charges.

Last Friday, Josh admitted to the crimes.  He said he “acted inexcusably.”  And Josh added that he is “extremely sorry” for molesting his victims.

Yeah, we bet they are sorry he did too.

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