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Chris Brown has some serious baby mama drama. Nia Guzman is apparently hitting Brown up for more child support for their daughter, Royalty.

Brown and Guzman seemed to have a mostly amicable relationship for a while.  But when Guzman asked for more child support money, Chris Brown wasn’t entirely pleased.

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Chris doesn’t have a problem giving more money for Royalty.  But he is concerned the extra money will fund Nia and her boyfriend.

So Chris thinks it is time Nia gets a j.o.b.

An insider told Hollywood Life that “[Chris] knows that she has bills to pay out there in Texas and that’s why he sends her money even when Royalty’s with him.”

“What he’s not going to do,” the source continued, “is send his hard earned money to Nia so she can buy clothes and take care of her lazy boyfriend!”

Chris was giving Nia $2,500 a month in March.  But apparently, Nia demanded more—$13,000 more a month.  As in $15,000 a month instead!

Since her request, Chris and Nia have been battling it out.

“Chris doesn’t feel like he needs to give Nia every cent of the $2,500 when Royalty’s with him and [his mother],” a source said. 

“To him, that doesn’t make sense. If Chris has her for a month or so, there’s no need to give Nia all that money.”

For all of Chris Brown’s many, many flaws, he seems to be a good father.  For the past two months, he has been spending “virtually all his time with Royalty,” a source said.

He even brought her to the Billboard Music Awards.

It doesn’t sound like Chris is paying up the extra money to Nia yet.  But he does sound willing to give extra money if it goes toward raising Royalty.

But Chris wants Nia to pitch in with “a regular, steady income,” sources claimed. Really, this doesn’t sound unreasonable.

Surprisingly, Chris Brown has made some decent decisions as of late.  Chris Brown and Tyson Beckford were fighting over Karrueche Tran, but the two have cooled things down.

After Tyson and Chris exchanged some heated tweets and photos, Chris took ahold of the situation with an apology.

“No drama!” Chris tweeted. “People are really starting to make this s—t an issue. I can be a real one and say that I was wrong for even pressing an issue.”