Contestant in Wheelchair Wins Treadmill on The Price is Right

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The Price Is Right has been pretty much all wrong lately.

Just last month, one of the show’s models accidentally gave away a new car by prematurely giving the contestant the winning price.

And today ... the show had the most epic of epic fails.

The show’s announcer, George, enthusiastically told contestant Danielle that she had just won herself a sauna and a treadmill.

But the problem with the prize is that Danielle is in a wheelchair.

“Those are really nice,” Danielle responded to the ironic prize.

Way to go, guys.

While Danielle handled the awkward situation with a smile, hundreds took to Twitter to point out the poorly chosen gift on the daytime staple.

CBS did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Danielle's prize ... and we're really not sure what else there is to say here.

Our bad?

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