26 Great Moments in Game Show History

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These are priceless and/or impressive. Check out some great moments in game show history.

1. Wheel of Fortune Bonus Round Solve: Amazing!

Wow! This may be the greatest Wheel of Fortune solve in the history of this game show.

2. Stupid Game Show Answers

A montage of some of the best/worst ever answers from game show contestants over the years.

3. Pat Sajak Walks Off Wheel of Fortune Set

Who said anything about horses?!? Watch Pat Sajak walk off the Wheel of Fortune set after a couple weird guesses in this game show clip.

4. Jeopardy: Elaine Benes Pronunciation Mishap

An Elaine Benes pronunciation mishap costs a contestant on Jeopardy, and sets off a storm of criticism.

5. Jeopardy Contestant: Cheated Over Misspelling?

A kid's barely noticeable spelling error kept him from the winner's circle on Jeopardy - and he's not happy.

6. Jeopardy Teen Tournament Conclusion

The exciting, and amusing, conclusion to the Jeopardy Teen Tournament.

7. Wheel of Fortune Fail Costs Contestant $1 Million

Oh no! In this clip from Wheel of Fortune, we watch as a contestant blows a chance at winning one million dollars.

8. Price Is Right Model Gives Away Car

The Price Is Right model Manuela accidentally gives away a car to a contestant in this hilarious fail.

9. Wheel of Fortune: The Ultimate Fail

Talk about a Wheel of Fortune fail! Watch this contestant blow a chance to win $1 million.

10. Dating Show Contestant Admits to Murder

Well... this is awkward. A dating show contestant in Turkey admits - on air! - to a pair of murders.

11. Wheel of Fortune Contestant Blows Easy Puzzle

Wheel of Fortune fail! Watch this contestant blow a VERY easy puzzle.

12. PENIS!

Name something you pull out. This Family Feud contestant knows the answer!

13. Worst. Family. Feud. Player. Ever.

This poor young woman. Watch her score a total of ZERO points in the bonus round of Family Feud.

14. Alex Trebek Raps on Jeopardy

Alex Trebek raps his way through a Jeopardy category here. Watch him go! It's awesome!

15. Failed Wheel of Fortune Guess

Is this the worst Wheel of Fortune guess of all-time? Watch now and decide for yourself.

16. Ari Voukydis Jeopardy Answer

Ari Voukydis Jeopardy Answer
Ari Voukydis is our new favorite Jeopardy player. Look at his final Jeopardy answer in this awesome photo.

17. Sarah Manchester Wins HUGE on Wheel of Fortune

Sarah Manchester just won $1 million Wheel of Fortune. Watch her react in crazy glee now.

18. Wolf Blitzer on Celebrity Jeopardy

Wolf Blitzer stunk up the joint on Celebrity Jeopardy despite being a journalist for CNN for a living.

19. Family Feud Contestant Disses Husband's Manhood

What one body part would this woman change about her husband? That's easy: his penis. Wait... what?!?

20. Wheel of Fortune FAIL

Talk about a major Wheel of Fortune fail! See the snafu this contestant made during a speed round of the famous game show.

21. Wheel of Fortune Contestant Solves Puzzle With One Letter

Watch in awe as this Wheel of Fortune contestant solves the puzzle with just one letter.

22. INCREDIBLE Wheel of Fortune Guess!

WHOA! This Wheel of Fortune contestant only needed one letter to guess this puzzle. Watch now in amazement.

23. Snow White Game Show FAIL

Wheel of Fortune fail! This contestant is clearly not up to date on such vital information as the names of all seven Dwarfs.

24. Woman in Wheelchair Wins Treadmill on Price is Right

A contestant on The Price is Right won a new treadmill. But she is wheelchair bound.

25. Presenting... The Greatest Family Feud Answer in History

That's it! The search is over! We've found the greatest Family Feud answer in the history of this iconic game show.

26. Contestant Wins $120,000 Car on The Price is Right

This woman just won WHAT on The Price is Right?!? Watch her reaction to nabbing an Aston Martin now.

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