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Miley Cyrus debuted a new hairstyle last night at the 2015 MET Gala.

But she then appeared on Good Morning America today and talked up an old cause that’s near and dear to her heart.

The artist was to be a major voice in helping the LGBT youth of America, especially those stuck in poverty.

Miley Cyrus at the MET Gala
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"I’m the one that can fix it," Cyrus said of this national problem. "I think I’ve been able to identify with it because I’ve never thought of myself as ‘I’m a girl so I can’t do this or can’t do that.’

"I feel completely like I’m not tied to a gender or an age, I feel like an infinite cosmic thing, and that’s what I want people to feel."

Sounds sort of weird and vague, but hey. Miley’s heart is in the right place!

The singer, who has never been shy about supporting gay rights, has helped to start a non-profit organization called the Happy Hippie Foundation.

"Forty percent of homelessness is really focused on [the LGBT community], because, I think, of the lack of acceptance," she said.

Miley then cited Bruce Jenner and how he can help serve as a role model to those suffering from a self-confidence or identity crisis:

"Something like being on a reality show or me being on a tour can get you in front of that many impressionable people."

Cyrus concluded that she wants to be "doing something" with her life, not merely singing for the sake of singing.

"I’ve learned how to love myself, as I got older… You want to be peaceful with yourself and happy with yourself and love yourself.

"Sometimes I think, as women especially, I think we’re not supposed to say ‘I love myself,’ That that’s vain. I love myself, and that’s what everyone should be able to say."