Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff to Break Up on Bachelorette Premiere?

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Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff will be breaking up on The Bachelorette season premiere next week ... at least according to the latest online rumors.

Will The Bachelorette spoilers prove true in this case? Or is this yet another case of obligatory tabloid nonsense that simply won't end until they wed.

While Whitney and Chris have said all the right things since The Bachelor (and Dancing with the Stars), the duo maintains its share of detractors.

All Bachelor and Bachelorette couples face this to a point, but it seems there is a strong contingent of viewers who just don't see them working out.

According to insiders, the wedding is not happening as they are currently living in different states and have no plans to reunite romantically.

Last month, Whitney left L.A., moved back to Chicago and began working at her old job, no-showing Chris' last two DWTS performances.

Then, Whitney celebrated their engagement anniversary ... on Instagram. She's in the Windy City working and he's farming back in Iowa.

Chris explained this away based on their careers and said they are looking forward to “building their relationship” away from the cameras.

Is he just biding time until the new season starts before dropping the obligatory breakup bombshell, a la Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray?

Fans of the franchise remember how that duo arrived the Bachelor premiere, acting like all was well, only to split up in a matter of days. Days.

Those who believe in the Soules and Bischoff showmance theory think we're in for something similar next week once The Bachelorette begins.

The duel between Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe, plus the drama between the new guys, provide perfect cover for Christney biting the dust.

Will this long-rumored outcome actually come to fruition May 18 or in the days following the season opener? Hit the comments to discuss ...

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