Amanda Knox Sings at Karaoke Bar, KILLS IT (Sorry) on "Zombie"

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Life is back to normal for Amanda Knox.  The formerly accused murderer was caught on camera belting out karaoke tunes in New York City.

Amanda Knox’s murder conviction was overturned by an Italian Court in March, so we thought she would have been celebrating with something upbeat.

However, she sang the Cranberries’ hit song “Zombie.”  Surprisingly, Knox did a pretty good version of the song.  Dare we say she killed it???

Before heading to Keats karaoke bar, Knox attended the Innocence Project Gala at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

While at the gala, comedian John Mulaney was honored with an award.  He also posted picture with Knox with a caption describing her as “brave and wonderful.”

Knox endured an arduous and complicated court battle in Italy after her roommate, Meredith Kercher, was found murdered.  She went on trial for the murder, claiming her innocence.  Knox was found guilty and was sentenced to 28 years in jail.

After eight years of appeals and retrials, she was exonerated.

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