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As you may have heard, Chris Brown has a bit of a temper.

And by "a bit of a temper" we mean the dude should invest in a pair of purple shorts, because he’s liable to turn into the Hulk at any moment.

Speaking of green monsters, Chris is the jealous type, and even though he got dumped by Karrueche Tran on Twitter back in March, he still doesn’t want her hanging out with other dudes.

So needless to say, Breezy was less than pleased when Tyson Beckford posted a photo of himself hanging out with Karrueche in Las Vegas on Instagram over the weekend.

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Chris posted and quickly deleted a series of angry tweets, many of which seemed to include veiled threats targeted at Beckford.

"U wanna keep walking them runways," Chris tweeted in an apparent reference to Beckford’s modeling past. "U need legs for that. Keep playing like I ain’t wit the bullsh-t."

Obviously un-intimidated, Beckford tweeted, "It’s all about fun in Vegas. Come thru papa." He then posted a photo of himself firing a gun at a shooting range, with a caption reading, "In case you forgot."

Late last night, Brown posted a photo of several Vegas police officers standing in front of a building with a caption reading, "This n–ga Tyson got the whole Vegas PD out here! Suckah!"

The relationship between Chris and Karrueche ended after it was revealed that Brown had a child by another woman while he was still in a relationship with Tran. 

Rumors of Chris and Karrueche getting back together have been circulating for weeks, but it seems that she prefers Tyson’s company these days.

We’re expecting this situation to get very ugly. You may want to get your popcorn ready.