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It’s been over six weeks since we first learned about the split between Bobby Flay and Stephanie March, but scandalous details are still emerging on an almost-daily basis. 

Last week, we reported on the possible affair between Flay and Giada Di Laurentiis. This week, the celebrity chef is being accused of making cameos in lots of ladies’ kitchens over the years, including that of Mad Men star January Jones.

January Jones Close-Up
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Bobby Flay Pic
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"They had a huge fight over January shortly before Stephanie asked him to move out of their place," a source tells In Touch. "There is communication between Bobby and January that indicates they were more than acquaintances."

Yes, it was allegedly January year-round for Bobby’s baster. Of course, that’s in addition to his dalliance with Giada and his alleged three year affair with Elyse Tirrell

In fact, court documents reveal that Stephanie claims to have proof of "at least" three affairs, and she suspects many more. Where did this guy find time to do any cooking?

Look, like the rest of the world, we’ve seen January Jones nude, and we understand that she’s probably the most coveted woman in the world of basic cable, and Bobby probably had to beat out various pawn shop employees/reality stars in order to hit that.

But as the dude’s third marriage comes to a predictably ugly conclusion, we hope he’ll consider the possibility that if he can’t keep his mitts out of other ladies’ ovens, maybe he should just stop getting hitched.

Bobby Flay Pic
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