Bobby Flay and Stephanie March: It's Over! And UGLY!

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It’s all over for Law & Order: SVU actress Stephanie March and her estranged husband, celebrity chef Bobby Flay, after 10 years of marriage.

The trouble in paradise seems to have been in the making for a while.

Bobby Flay and Stephanie March

While March, 40, tended to her ill mother and dealt with her own health issues, Flay, 50, peaced out to film a TV show. Charming.

The Food Network star filed for divorce Friday, only a day after the news of their separation was announced.

Even though Flay filed for divorce, sources suggest that Stephanie initiated the split.

The New York Post reports that, “Three weeks ago, [March] asked him to leave. She was the one that precipitated the divorce.”

This comes at a bad time for March. Not only is divorce in itself difficult, she is coupling this with her own and her mother’s health problems.

March’s attorney states, “It’s a really difficult time for Stephanie, both because of this, and she’s helping her mother, who has some health issues."

"And [she] is contending with her own health issues. Given all that, she would like to maintain her privacy.”

Last year, March reportedly had an emergency appendectomy stemming from complications with endometriosis.

It hasn’t taken Flay long to move to the next course, though.

He was spotted in December with fellow Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis in Miami, just days before she came public with her own divorce announcement.

The two spent time together earlier this year filming The Next Food Network Star.

Flay and De Laurentiis deny any romantic involvement. Flay’s attorney claims: “They spent time together, they filmed a show together, they were never involved.”

As for how this impacts his divorce from March?

The couple signed a prenup in 2005 which established Stephanie's future spousal support at $5,000 a month, but she feels she's entitled to a lot more now.

Stephanie's lawyer returned his first $5,000 check, according to TMZ, along with some choice words directed at Flay's camp:

"We regard the support provisions of the pre-marital agreement as unenforceable (not to mention morally reprehensible)."

Stephanie's lawyer says Bobby is "bullying through economic warfare" by cancelling Stephanie's credit card she uses for household expenses.

Moreover, March's camp says Bobby's trying to pressure her into issuing a joint press release saying the split is amicable, when it is anything but.

Her lawyer says that at the same time, Bobby's demanding she sign a settlement agreement or else she can't stay in the marital home with her sick mother.

Her lawyer ends by suggesting Bobby was unfaithful, no doubt referencing the aforementioned rumors, but acknowledges that he has denied this.


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