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We had one reaction to Floyd Mayweather defeating Manny Pacquiao inside a Las Vegas boxing ring on Saturday night: YAWN.

And, no, we’re not simply saying this because the matchup didn’t even start until close to midnight on the East Coast.

We’re saying it because there we no knockdowns. There were no memorable flurries.

Pacquiao scarcely landed any real blows against Mayweather, who used his speed and unparalleled defensive maneuvers to dictate pretty much every second of the fight.

Like we said: YAWN. And also: LAME.

We can think of countless celebrities we’d rather have seen do battle instead of these aging athletes.

Seriously, how much would you pay to see Porsha Willams beating down Kenya Moore?

Or Abby Lee Miller lace up her gloves against any of the Dance Moms?

What would be the odds of Kanye West knocking out a paparazzi member of his choosing? What about an epic showdown between Sooki and sobriety? 

We doubt any of these contests would go to the judges’ cards. They’d be decided in a series of roundhouses, upper-cuts and, let’s face it, jabs to the groin.

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